About Rapid Refill Ink & Toner of Tallahassee

rapid-slide3-copy.jpgWe want it all. We want to save you time and money, and we want to help save the planet. Since 2007, that’s what we at Rapid Refill of Tallahassee have been striving to achieve.

We know that in addition to saving money, folks want to feel good about their purchasing decisions. Rapid Refill lets you do both. The problem of discarded plastics in the environment is one that is receiving growing attention. Manufacturing new products from plastic requires the use of petroleum. Did you know that three quarts of oil are used in the production of Just one new laser toner cartridge? We will refill your empty ink jet or toner cartridge so that it can be used again. It will also keep it out of the landfill. In our community, we work closely with several Leon County schools and civic organizations to collect and recycle empty printer cartridges.

Of course we also save you money. Our customers pay 30 to 50 % less on Rapid Refill brand ink and toner cartridges and we have a total satisfaction guarantee. With our extensive inventory, there’s no waiting for your refilled cartridge. We simply swap it out with one we have already refilled.

Our store is located in one of the city’s most popular shopping plazas, .but it is very much a community shopping area. You can count on personal service, advice and help with printing problems, or just a chat with our friendly knowledgeable staff.

- Rick Sprinkles, Owner



The Rapid Refill ink and toner concept was established in 2002 in Eugene, Oregon. This college-town in the Pacific Northwest provided the perfect backdrop to launch this new business venture. With a focus on customer service, recycling and product quality, one store quickly grew to several and began drawing attention from beyond the city limits. What once served a single community has rapidly grown into a franchise system serving communities coast-to-coast.

Rethink Your Ink

Rapid Refill has grown to be a total print solutions provider for consumers, businesses, educators and community organizations. Our stores carry extensive inventories of popular brand name inkjet and laser toner cartridges like HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark, as well as Rapid Refill™ brand inkjet and laser toner cartridges for virtually every printer model.

Rapid Refill has seen phenomenal growth since our inception and continues to evolve because of the vibrant passion of our local store owners and our valued customers. From everyday printing to leading imaging supplies, Rapid Refill is your neighborhood source for all of your print solutions.

The Best Service Is Local Service

Rapid Refill is comprised of independently owned and operated franchised retail stores. Not only does this bring a diverse set of experiences to drive Rapid Refill to new heights, it is the best way to give our customers outstanding customer service. Rapid Refill is committed to being involved in every community we reach and our local store owners make that happen every day. Cleaner and friendlier, we want to make our communities a better place to live.